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Privacy & Policy

This version of the Privacy Policy will be applicable from March 11, 2020.

Your consent to this Privacy Policy is exerted when you sign up for, access, or use the Services provided by aamarPay App. You agree to allow us to use and disclose your personal information entered into our system according to the description of this Privacy Policy.

1. Overview:
aamarPay App Application may request you to provide information about yourself, including your National ID/ Passport, Tax Identification Number (TIN), and/or bank account details for operating the Services in aamarPay App and also for reducing the risk of fraudulent activities. We process your information with utmost importance, care and use this information conforming to the terms of this Privacy Policy. The term “information” refers to any confidential and/or individually identifiable information or other information related to users of aamarPay App Services in this Privacy Policy.

We will not rent or sell your information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. In case we need to convey your information to any third party for completing your requested aamarPay App service, we will share the required information under strict restriction and adhering to Third Party Privacy Policy. If you use any third party website via aamarPay App or use third party website to access aamarPay App services, you will need to review the privacy statements of those websites. aamarPay App will not be responsible for the information practice of the third parties.

Changes to this Privacy Policy: All future changes to this Privacy Policy will be done as per the existing laws of the Land and shall be posted on our website and will be applicable from the date of posting such changes. It will be considered that you have consented to the updated Privacy Policy once it is being posted on the website. If you have any disagreement with the updated Privacy Policy, then you may close your account at any time. Please check aamarPay App website regularly for the latest version of the Privacy Policy.

2. Information
2.1 Basic Information:
In order to sign up for aamarPay App account or use aamarPay App Services, you must provide your name, phone number, email address, photograph and other required identification information. For adding or withdrawing money to your aamarPay App account from your personal bank account, you must provide bank account information which will be verified by aamarPay App. We may also request you to provide other verification documents before processing any transaction which is not consistent with your regular transaction or is of a very high amount. You agree to cooperate aamarPay App in these verification process by providing the required information.
Public information about your business size, customer base and usual transactions might be collected from social media platform, other aamarPay App account holders or other sources for accessing goodwill, trustworthiness and solvency check of your account and business.

2.2 Device Identification:
Device sign on data (device ID, geolocation, etc) will be used by aamarPay App to provide smooth experience of aamarPay App services. Internet address (IP address) and other identifying information about the computer or device you use to access your aamarPay App account will be tracked for helping us detect possible instances of unauthorized transactions.

2.3 Transaction Information:
For complying with anti-money laundering and counter terrorism obligations under the Laws, Rules and regulations of the Govt. of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, your commercial and/or personal identification information shall be recorded if you send or receive transaction of high amount or frequency. If you send or receive high overall payment volumes through the aamarPay App Services, or are suspected of being engaged in any suspicious transaction, aamarPay App in collaboration with Bangladesh Bank and other relevant authorities of the Government may conduct a background check on your business by gathering information about you and your business, its directors, shareholders and partners. aamarPay App, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to periodically retrieve and review a business and/or consumer information and is authorized to close an account based on information obtained during these reviews.

2.4 Web Catches and Website Traffic:
For ensuring smooth and efficient aamarPay App services, your IP address, browser, and time related information for accessing aamarPay App website will be stored in our server; web address of sites that you routed you to or from aamarPay App website may also be received. Session cookies, web cookies, pixel tags, web beacons or other similar technologies will be used to place small text or image files in your computer for facilitating user friendly performance of aamarPay App application.

2.5 Contacting Prospective Users:
When an aamarPay App user attempts to send aamarPay App service request to users who have not yet signed up in aamarPay App, aamarPay App may retain the service requested and information provided regarding the prospective user for contacting them for marketing purpose. For example, a text message may be sent to their number notifying them about the aamarPay App service you wanted to share with them.

3. Use of Collected Information
3.1 Internal Use:
Your information is collected, stored and processed in servers located in Bangladesh, which is used to provide you with a smooth, safe, efficient and customized experience of aamarPay App application. The provided information will be used to process your aamarPay App transactions, troubleshoot problems, resolve disputes, provide customer support service and customize your aamarPay App user experience.

3.2 Communicating with You:
We will also communicate with you using the information that you provided to complete processing of aamarPay App services or verify any important information or actions like investigating suspicious or illegal transaction, responding to customer service requests, complaints or claims. Promotional offers, service updates and other marketing information will also be provided to you through the contact information that you provided.

3.3 Information Shared with Other aamarPay App Users:
Your basic information like name, phone number, email address, transaction amount and transaction time, etc will be shared with the other aamarPay App User or prospective user to whom you send aamarPay App service request. The information shared may vary with the service you request and the type of aamarPay App account you maintain; additional information about your business may be revealed if you are making transactions through a business account. When payments for goods or purchases are made through aamarPay App, Buyer’s and Seller’s address and payment details may be revealed for aiding in delivery and dispute resolution.

3.4 Information Shared with Third Party:
Several third party like the bank, mobile operator and other service providers will need access to specific information for completion of your requested aamarPay App services. We will only disclose the required information to third parties.

3.5 Your Use of aamarPay App Information:
You will receive information of other aamarPay App users when carrying out any transaction with them. You may only use this information for facilitating aamarPay App service related communication, action or transaction; this information will not be used for any other purpose without taking explicit consent of the aamarPay App user by disclosing the purpose adequately.

3.6 Surveys and Questionnaires:
When you answer the optional questionnaire or survey, information provided in them may be used for improving aamarPay App services, marketing and/or advertising purpose as described in the survey.

3.7 Audit and Legal Compliance:
Your information and transaction history may be viewed by the auditors for confirming the accuracy of our record. However, auditors will not have the right of using your personally identifiable information for any other purpose. Information related to illegal or suspicious activity carried out from your account needs to be made available to law enforcing body, Bangladesh Bank or any other applicable jurisdiction when requested.

3.8 Mergers or Acquisition:
If aamarPay App merges with other company or is acquired by another company, the successor company will have access to your information maintained by aamarPay App.

4. Your Information is Secured:
aamarPay App maintains your information with the highest level of integrity. Our firewalls, data encryption and computer and network safeguards protect your information and balance around the clock. Only authorized employees can access our office, network and files for completing the actions needed for smooth functioning of the system.

You can always review and change your personal information from the account setting page of your aamarPay App account. You can also close your account at any time if there is no investigation being conducted against it. After you close your account, we will mark your account status as ‘Closed’ and keep your information in our database for future reference.